Record Applications

It is the responsibility of the athlete to complete the relevant application form and forward that form to the committee for approval, if they believe that a record has been broken.

Record Application Process:

Please note that records will not be approved unless the following requirements have been adhered to.

  • If you feel that you may break a record, please inform the judges/officials at your event and have a copy of the current record to show them. For jumps or sprints, make sure you have an anemometer (wind gauge) report as well as a finishing time.
  • For throwing events, either mark or withdraw the implement used, as it must be weighed on the day. Also ensure that the measurement is rechecked at the time.

Fill in the appropriate form, which should be available at the computer station. Have it signed by the officials at the event on the day. Pass on the form to the computer operator, who will check that all is in order. Email forms to 

Records achieved at NZ Champs are automatically passed on. For your own club record, officials should be shown a copy of the current record before approving a new record. Don’t forget, if you have your own implement, it should be weighed prior to the competition and put in the ‘pool’.