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3rd NZMA Indoor Championships 2017 @ AUT Millenium
Aug 20 @ 9:30 am – 3:45 pm
3rd NZMA Indoor Championships 2017 @ AUT Millenium | Auckland | Auckland | New Zealand

Online entries and Postal entries close 7pm Wednesday 16th August 2017


Entry Fees:


Entry Fee: $10.00
Each event @ $3.00


Entry Fee: $20.00
Each event @ $6.00

[the three 50m races count as one event]

Certificate will be awarded to the winner in each group

Programme of Events

9.30 – Shot Put M& W
9.45 – Triple Jump: M & W
11.15 – 50m 1st round: M & W [run in age groups]
12.00 – High Jump: M & W
1.15 – 50m 2nd round: M & W [taken from 1st round times]
2.00 – Long Jump: M & W
3.00 – 50m 3rd round: M & W taken from 2nd round times]
3.30 – 50m Hurdles M & W

Indoor Protocol

Warming up in the sports hall may take place BUT must not interfere with any of the events the outside track is available to use.
50 Meter sprints: Although the sprint track is 60m + run-off, for safety reasons races will be over 50 meters. Each athlete will have three rounds – round 1 men and women will run separately in age groups where possible, if insufficient number in any age group they maybe amalgamated with another age group. Rounds 2 and 3 men and women will then be combined and seeded based on their times NOT age group from round 1. Round 2 and 3 will be run in order from the slowest to fastest times.
Sprint seedings: 30 minutes after the races times and seeding for the next round will be posted.
It would be appreciated if athletes competing in the jumps events would put in their run-up marks before the commencement of their events, this will help run the meeting to time.
Jumps: Long and Triple Jumps and Shot Put each athlete will be allowed 4 attempts. High Jump – Normal rules apply.
Pole Vault – Unfortunately we are now unable to offer this event, due to restrictions at the venue. We apologise for any inconvenience.
At the end of the meeting refreshment will be available in the North Harbour Bays club room upstairs


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